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             Heromen Industries: A name that we have all heard before, unless you live under many rocks. However, not many know the full story. I sat down with the CEO and founder, Lance Heromen recently and had a talk about his success and what it means to him. He first told me, in great detail, the enchanting story that is the Heromen Industries tale. Being abandoned by his parents after his birth and adopted by a loving family in Venice, Italy, Heromen moved to America to begin his childhood. Throughout his youth, Lance learned the ways of business through humble teachings and many experiences. 

             His first experiments in the world of business was a small lemonade stand, as is the American dream childhood. The stand was unfortunately foreclosed due to management change and lay-offs while funding was shifting. Heromen did not give up, he studied what had gone wrong and decided to press on, vowing to never allow such a thing to happen to his own employees. "I knew that the stand had served a greater purpose than simple lemonade, it showed me the fragility of capitalism." Heromen moved on to his next venture, a dog washing company. "I knew I was on to something when on my first pay-day I was able to buy a candy bar, a luxury at the time that most other children could not afford." The young Heromen was right. His company to achieve success that other eight-year-olds could only dream of."I was the first 8-year-old to file taxes, and to ride a mercedes bicycle." He was correct. During the tax filing that year, young Lance was so successful in filing his taxes that he received and outstanding return of 200% and a thank-you card from the IRS. They have been in-touch ever since. After a year of great revenue, Heromen retired from the dog washing market and moved on to a small box company. It would be here that Heromen would first begin to develop his patented diagonal integration.


 Heromen was at the helm of this fine company for a number of years and expanded the it from simple box sales on to washing machines, coffee mugs and pencils. But like the dog washing position, Heromen left to pursue his true dream of business. He set out to begin his next venture, Heromen Industries. Through countless hardships and economic obstacles, Lance Heromen prevailed and Heromen Industries soared to the top of the corporate pyramid. This success was both financially and spiritually rewarding and fulfilling for Heromen. "I always knew I was a hard worker, but I never dreamt of this success and how fortunate I am."

              Through the years, Heromen Industries evolved from a simple coordinance orchestrator, into an entire establishment of synergy and connectitude."I wasn't building a company so much as a team of family and understanding for public commerce." Heromen enthusiastically agrees that his hard work has more than paid off (no pun intended). Heromen Industries is world renowned for their global unionization and collective cohesion applied to their financial strategies and the re-engineering design of the contemporary structure of commerce and communication.

               Last year alone, Heromen Industries had an astonishing lay-off rate of 0%. When asked how one man can manage a multi-billion dollar company and not have a single downsizing issue, he simply said, "It's not a question of how I was able to not let anyone go, it's a question of how my employees can be so incredible. You cannot downsize when every single worker is crucial to the operation. I care for my employees deeply and their hard work and brilliance is the reason Heromen Industries is where it is today, and the reason why no one was laid-off." We ended our discussion on that note and closed with Lance Heromen's saying, regarding the my last question, "I'm no hero; just a Heromen."


Heromen Industries Founder and CEO:

Lance Heromen 

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